Is It Better to Use an Electric Food Mill or Hand Powered Food Mill?

With the big push on eating healthier, food mills are quickly regaining popularity.  Food mills were food processors before anyone ever thought of the term.  They give you the ability to mash and puree food and create very unique flavors.  When food processors hit the market, food mills were kind of pushed off to the side, but people are quickly realizing that sometimes advances in technology are always not for the best.

The problem with a food processor is that it moves at such a high speed, the food literally gets obliterated and for certain items, the integrity of the flavor of the food is lost.  For certain food items, like sauces and gravies, it is better to slowly mash them down and allow the true flavor to gradually escape and be captured in the dish.  That is hardly an option when you have a piece of machinery that is flying around at 100 miles an hour.

Now that food mills are back in style, the question is whether or not the electric food mills are the same thing as a food processor.  It is kind of a tricky question as you are really going to have to look at the electric food mill and make sure that it really is what it is saying that it is.  If it is truly a food mill, the only difference would be that you don’t have to hand crank the machine in order to puree the food.

However, having said that, there are plenty of people that will tell you that using an electric food mill defeats the purpose of using the food mill in the first place.  This device actually creates a lot more interaction with the food in that you have to be present and are monitoring the progress of the grinding our pureeing at all times.  For some purists, there is nothing like it.

The reason is that electric food mills promote the ability to turn on the food mill and walk away and let the device handle the work.  You can hardly do that when you have a manual device and are only done when you see that the product is to your liking.  Again, this is a matter of preference, but it also kind of the point in using a food mill in the first place.

If you want to rediscover the flavor of foods, there is nothing like using an old Mouli Food Mill.  Now here is a piece of equipment that is reasonably priced and made in Italy that you will not only find in homes, but in many Italian Restaurants as well.  You have not truly had tomato sauce until you have made it this way.

Is the electric food mill better than the standard one?  It is a tough call, but if you talk to any cook who uses one, they will probably scoff if you tell them you want a food mill but are going to get an electric one so you don’t have to hand puree everything.  Sometimes it is better to do a little hard work and truly appreciate the final product than it is to leave it up to technology to do all of your dirty work.