5 Most Popular Alcoholic Beverages

Booze, as most people refer to it these days, gives life to an otherwise dull party. It makes for long bonding moments and better, more relaxed conversations. For these reasons, it comes as no surprise that such beverage is popular among people from all walks of life.

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Some of the drinks that are more popular than others include:

1. Beer

Whether it is called beer or ale, it is a fact that this beverage has started traditional festivals such as Oktoberfest and pub games in certain countries. What is it made of? Basic major ingredients of the drink include water, starch (from corn, barley, rye, potato, cassava, rice or any other grain), hops, and yeast.

2.  Tequila

Usually served with lemon and a pinch of salt, this liquor is made from blue agave plant which can be usually found in the city bearing the same name. How to best enjoy this drink? First, lick some salt, drink the shot in one gulp, and then suck the lime.

3. Whiskey

Unless otherwise specified, Scotch whiskey means the bottle was produced in Scotland. Calling it simply whiskey denotes its being manufactured elsewhere.  This throat burning spirit is a favourite as it does not contain too much water to weigh it down.

4. Red wine

Made from crushed grapes, the skin of the fruit gives the beverage its distinctive colour. A good bottle yields five glasses of bitter-sweet goodness. Red wines are a preferred beverage for parties as their alcoholic content are low enough to not cause intoxication. That is, if they’re taken at appropriate amounts.

5. Vodka

This makes for great cocktails, which is why it has become a staple in most parties. How will you be able to create an Apple Martini without it, anyway?

These are just some of the most popular alcoholic beverages. If you want to sample them all, and more, visit our restaurant as it has tons of drinks to offer, alcohol-based and otherwise.